The Soul Survivors  
The Soul Survivors

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  • Atomic After hours
  • Curley, Howse & Pee Wee, Rehersals, All You Need Is Love, Queens Golden Jubilee
  • Frog's Drink is Looking Sluggishhhhhhhh
  • Goldwing Owners Bash Carmarthen August 02
  • Howse & Curley On A Good Night
  • Howse By The Sea, Hastings Pier,June 02
  • Howse, A-TOM-IC & Leroy At Galway Bay FM Nov 02
  • Howse, A-TOM-C, Pee Wee & Curley The Liffey Ha' Penny Bridge, Dublin
  • Is That A Leprechaun? No It's Leroy Ireland November 02
  • Leroy & Howse Sound Check Carmarthen August 02
  • Marathon Man
  • Mel's Getting Ready For A Runner
  • Mel's Lovin' It in Hastings June 02
  • On The Way Home From Some where
  • Our New Band Waggon at the NEC
  • Pee Wee's Getting Lost
  • Peek A Boo Errol, It's only Bridgnorth
  • Ronnie, Howse, Sad One & Pee Wee
  • Ronnie's Legging it, Chicago Rock
  • Soul's On Holiday, Brean Sands August 02
  • The Soul's Rhythm Section, All You Need Is Love
  • Who's That?
  • Barry White Sound Engineer & Howse swingin' their hips in Enniskillen
  • Bedtime in Waterford Nov02
  • Howse & Pee Wee Set Out For Ireland Nov 02
  • It's Empty
  • Mel before Bournemouth Aug 02
  • Mel's On The Hard Stuff Again
  • Paddy Day Taking The Guiness
  • Pee Wee By Night
  • Wayne McCullough (The Pocket Rocket) sparring with Leroy The Europa Hotel, Belfast
  • Rick, Alun, Andrea, A-TOM-IC & Howse, Back Stage, Pennington's Bradford April 02
  • The Lovely Boys Backstage Leeds Varieties Theatre
  • Frog, Giants Causeway, Ireland Nov 02
  • Pee Wee Sound Checking Carmarthen Aug 02
  • The Lads With Their Legal Representation, Dublin
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