The Soul Survivors  
Still Keeping The Faith
The Soul Survivors

Frogman Curtis - Tenor Sax

Frogman Curtis - Tenor Sax Frogman the founder member is now the only one left from the original line-up. Prior to forming the band in January 1987, Frog had already had a long a varied musical career, turning professional in 1968.

Name a well-known soul band from the 60’s and Frog has probably toured with them. In the late 60’s, he toured Europe with such soul legends as Ben E. King, Eddie Floyd, & Carla Thomas, to name but a few!

Fresh from his European adventures and change of musical direction, Frog became a Savage, with the wildly eccentric, Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages. He left Lord Sutch to form the highly acclaimed Rock Rebellion, after whose demise in 1975 Alvin Stardust came along and recruited him into his band.Frogman Curtis - Tenor Sax

In 1981, we see him enjoying life on the road with Robert Plant & The Honeydrippers, before going back to his soul roots with The Soul Survivors

Other bands Frogman has played with over the years include The Magic Roundabout, Rio, Ricky Cool & The Rialtos, SRO, Reality, The Flying Doctors, Little Acre, The Mal Ford Band, Corner Boys & Sub Zero.

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